About the Founder

Kelly Krezek's mission is to create sustainable and regenerative environments for people around the world to thrive to their fullest potential. 


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About Us


We believe the world is shifting into a new paradigm for the better. With the technology and resources available today, a new society without greed, hunger, poverty, war, homelessness, and even crime is more than possible. 


Our true purpose in life is to bring about revolutionary societal change by facilitating greater connection among people and the planet.



Our passion is to create self-sustaining, regenerative, net zero, eco-friendly communities all around the world.

Current Projects

Land acquisition for the Venus Project.  Assisting with the search for property to build the first city on.


Sustainable Housing Development in Fallbrook, CA. Building eco friendly homes, edible landscape, and community gathering spaces with permaculture design.

Creating co-living houses for people to live in an intentional conscious community. Like minded entrepreneurs live together and mastermind to impact the world in a positive way.

About the Founder

Kelly Krezek has a dynamic background with 7 years in business development, project management, finance, real estate investing, and residential remodeling.

Kelly Krezek developed New Earth Now because she aspires to make the world a better place for every being on Earth. She believes this is possible by creating an environment that generates abundance in sustainable housing, food forests, clean water, renewable energy, and regenerative lifestyle. This will allow people to pursue their true passions, creating a more harmonious world.

Sustainable Development Consulting Experience:


1Heart Life Elevation Center - Retreat Center / Eco Village

- Project Management, Development Costs Analysis

IEARTH Project - Regenerative Eco Smart City Development

- Co-founder, Planning, Investor Proposal


Laughing Oaks Village - Eco Housing Development

Financial and Market Analysis, Project Management

Arcadia - Eco Village and Event Center

- Community Planning, Building Design


Coravida - Ocean View Villas in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

- Team Management, Project Planning


Citygrene - 200 Acre Renewable Energy City

- VP of Sustainable Development, City Presentations


The Venus Project - City with Resource Based Economy

- Land Acquisition for the Center for Resource Management

Traveled to sustainable communities around the world including Costa Rica, Bali and Thailand to research cutting-edge sustainability practices and technologies.

Developed close partnerships with top executives and organizations leading sustainability projects.

Services include planning, budgeting, organizing, project management, and running teams.