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We believe the world is shifting into a new paradigm for the betterment of all beings. With the technology and resources available today, a new society without greed, hunger, poverty, war, homelessness, and even crime is more than possible. 


Our purpose is to bring about revolutionary societal change by facilitating greater connection among people and the planet.



We develop self-sustaining, regenerative, net zero, eco-friendly communities, centers, and cities around the world.

Current Projects

Land acquisition for the Venus Project.  Assisting with the search for property to build the first city on.


Consulting and Project Management for a Spiritual Center on 60 acres for expanding human consciousness and connection to the divine. Developing eco-friendly buildings, bio-ceramic geodesic domes, edible landscape, and community gathering spaces, permaculture design principles.

Master planning a self-sustaining city on 289 acres in Southern CO. Includes closed loop systems, agriculture, golf club, ski resort, sovereign status, education center, health and wellness center, and sustainable buildings.

About the Founder

Kelly Krezek is a Developer and Consultant for regenerative and sustainable communities and cities. With 8 years in business development, project management, finance, sustainability consulting, real estate investing, and residential remodeling, Kelly has a dynamic background suited for large sustainable real estate development projects.


Kelly co-founded a real estate group with over 1000 members and spoke on stages with top real estate professionals in Sacramento, CA. She also trained and managed a team of over 200 real estate investors.


As Founder and CEO of New Earth Now in San Diego, CA, Kelly specializes in creating environments that allow humanity to thrive and live harmoniously with nature, each other, and the planet. She uses permaculture principles to create homes with renewable energy, clean water, food forests, recycled and low-consumption water systems, zero-waste systems, and regenerative materials that will last hundreds of years.


She has expanded her network to include connections in decentralized currency and economic models, co-governance models, clean and efficient transportation, holistic health care, and experiential education systems that integrate individual expression and personal development.


Through traveling to over 20 eco-communities across 6 countries and 3 continents, she gained a broad perspective of the best cutting-edge sustainable practices and technologies.  During this time, close partnerships were developed with many founders of eco-resorts and communities.


Kelly has consulted many green projects including eco-smart city plans, sustainable retreat center developments, community and building design, project management, and team building in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand.  She is currently working with The Venus Project on land acquisition for the Center for Resource Management which will include futuristic regenerative city design and a resource-based economic model.


She has incorporated best practices for environmental, social and governance structures as a Sustainability Consultant for large commercial real estate companies such as Howard Hughes, GID, PGIM, and Jamestown with diverse portfolios of multi-family, office, and industrial buildings, with over $100 Billion in assets under management.


Kelly Krezek is currently creating the model for regenerative development for many different locations and cultures around the world.

Sustainable Development Consulting Experience


1Heart Life Elevation Center - Retreat Center / Ecovillage

- Project Management, Development Costs Analysis

IEARTH Project - Regenerative Eco Smart City Development

- Co-founder, Planning, Investor Proposal


Laughing Oaks Village - Eco Housing Development

Financial and Market Analysis, Project Management

Arcadia - Ecovillage and Event Center

- Community Planning, Building Design


Coravida - Ocean View Villas in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

- Team Management, Project Planning


Citygrene - 200 Acre Renewable Energy City

- VP of Sustainable Development, City Presentations


The Venus Project - City with Resource Based Economy

- Land Acquisition for the Center for Resource Management


Casas Las Tinas - Beachfront Eco Retreat Center

- Project Management for Building, Operations, and Team Management


Center for Expansion - 60 Acre Spiritual Education Center 

- Sustainability Consultant and Project Manager

Verdani Partners - Sustainability Consulting Firm

- Sustainability Coordinator for Commercial Real Estate Buildings and Ecovillage Planning

About the Founder

Kelly Krezek's mission is to create sustainable and regenerative environments for people around the world to thrive to their fullest potential. 


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