Imagine a world where modern society thrives in harmony with nature

Regenerative Development can Transform the World

We believe that real estate developers like us have the responsibility to not only decrease our negative impact on the environment, but also create systems and structures that actually regenerate the natural landscape while integrating regenerative building systems, technology, governance, and wellbeing methods to liberate joy and creativity amongst all who live there.


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In our e-book “10 Steps To Creating A Regenerative Community”, you will understand an in depth overview of the process to Find, Fund and Build A Regenerative Community. This information is based on comprehensive research and comparison of over 50 regenerative communities as well as regenerative development experts from around the world.

Invest In The Next Generation of Housing

With connections across the entire regenerative movement including real estate, media, manufacturing technology, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, permaculture, and architecture, our cutting-edge development projects are uniquely positioned to provide all-win rates of return to our investors, secured by real estate.  Available projects for investment span the globe, with a focus on our core markets of Costa Rica and the United States.


Regenerative Community Development Course

This comprehensive online program teaches a 10 step process that comprehensively covers each aspect of building a regenerative community; from envisioning the dream to finding, funding, building, and operating the project.  In this course, we’ve organized extremely valuable insights coupled with 15+ interviews with experts who provide 200+ years combined experience in the field. It includes all the resources, contacts, templates, and worksheets needed to successfully create a regenerative community.  Whether you’re a developer, investor, or future resident, this program will give you the tools to create the community of your dreams.

Our Development Services

Our specialty is creating environments that allow humanity to thrive and live harmoniously with nature, each other, and the planet. We design and build regenerative communities and cities through sustainable, resilient building methods and materials with permaculture design and ecological energy, water, and waste systems. 

We have a full team of biophilic architects, engineers, permaculture designers, and ecological systems experts for any size project. Permaculture principles are used to develop infrastructure with renewable energy, water collection and filtration systems, efficient water use systems, food forests, gardens, zero-waste and waste to energy systems, and regenerative materials that will last hundreds of years.


Get Involved

We are currently expanding our team and looking for partnerships in real estate development, operations, public relations, legal, fundraising, finance, and conscious businesses including restaurants, grocery, retail, education, health, and personal growth. If you have experience in these areas, are passionate about healing the planet, and would like to be a part of our development projects, please fill out our Regenerative Development Global Collaborative Form. 

Are you looking to join a group of people building communities through education, collaboration, and action or learn more about Regenerative Development?  Join our free Sustainable and Regenerative Development Facebook Group.