A Life Without Money - Venus Project, Florida

What if you lived in a world where all your needs are taken care of and you have the freedom to pursue anything you desire?

I love the Venus Project!!

The Venus Project is the solution to most all the worlds problems.

The Venus project is a futuristic city design that can help eliminate most of the world's suffering. They believe we can change human behavior by living in a new type of culture where we put humanity and the earth over profit. Instead of a monetary based economy they propose a resource based economy, so money becomes obsolete.

I met Roxanne Meadows who worked with Jacque Fresco for 40 years and she talks just like him! She goes in depth about the way our society is today and some new ways of thinking that could change life on earth for the better.

"You're not born with bigotry, hatred, and prejudice, you learn that though your culture."

She explained how politics form our beliefs to create the culture we have today.

"When they say your free, watch out... you can't go make love in the park... this free is ridiculous."

LOL Yes it is ridiculous! We should be able to live however we like!

"We don't pick who we vote for... it's rigged anyway."

We need a new system, one of absolute equality for everyone on Earth.